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You haven’t played catch until you’ve played ZipChip. Designed from the ground up for high performance that fits in your pocket. Zip your Chip for long throws and fast paced action anywhere, anytime.

How To ZipYourChip

Hold your ZipChip with the domed side facing up and your index finger in the perimiter groove.

The throwing motion is most similiar to skipping a stone. Allow the ZipChip to spin off your index finger upon release.

Achieving a horizontal forearm position at release will ensure your ZipChip is level resulting in a straight, controlled flight.

Engineered to the Edge

Perimeter bevel for ergonomic grip and aerodynamic performance

Rule Book

This isn’t your grandpa’s game of catch.
Run, jump, throw and “Catch On!”

Play any time, anywhere.

Going pro at ZipChip means testing your skills to the limit.


Absolutely. Each ZipChip comes individually packaged and shipping is a flat $3.00 (for US customers) per order regardless of quantity.

There isn’t an official game yet for keeping score. The ZipChip was created to put a new spin on the game of catch, and we've had so much fun doing that we haven't made up rules. If scorekeeping is your thing, by all means create your own rules and let us know how it goes.

The ZipChip can be caught either two-handed or one-handed. Get real creative and catch it in a hat, or deflect the ZipChip to a friend.

The ZipChip was designed to be thrown forehand like a skipping stone and that’s how it performs best. However, the Frisbee style backhand technique does work for shorter throws.

Yes. ZipChip is impervious to water and floats. It’s right at home at the beach, pool, or pond.

The material itself is pet safe but we can’t condone the ZipChip’s use with dogs due to its small size. Use with your pets at your own discretion. The ZipChip material is FDA approved as well as being BPA and phalate free.

Shipping takes 2-6 business days in the USA, 3-8 business days in Canada, and 1-4 weeks internationally.  Please provide mailing address’ that can accommodate these estimated delivery projections. 

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You’ll receive a tracking number for domestic orders of 3 or more ZipChips and all international shipments.  The quality of international tracking numbers vary; some countries show door to door, other countries show “In Transit”.  If your tracking shows “In Transit” rest assured that your shipment is in route. | PO Box 642 Fairfield CT 06824